Monthly Archives: October 2013

Bedford’s Root Beer

Befords, smallBedford’s and Maxwell House were in an all-out brawl for my attention this afternoon.  The root beer even went as far as hopping into the coffee carafe, and that’s when I decided to reach for the boot mug rather than the coffee cup.

On to the review . . . If it’s possible (and I’m not entirely sure it is), Bedford’s Root Beer appeared to be creamy as it descended into the infamous boot mug.  And lo, as expected, this is an extremely creamy brew.  This is another Orca Beverage, and I’m quite impressed . . . and not just with Bedford’s but with Orca Root Beers in general.

It’s not bursting with flavor per se, but there is a unique coating of something.  To be honest, my palette wasn’t able to identify this “unique coating,” although Cosmo insists it’s molasses (I’ll defer to his judgment on this one).

The Orca web-site says, “Bedford’s sodas have been a Pacific Northwest tradition for over 30 years. Handcrafted and known for outstanding flavor, Bedford’s is now available . . . blah, blah, blah. “  The cool (and redundant) thing about almost all root beers is that it is some kind of special tradition.

Bedford’s is one tradition that’s worth continuing . . .

The Professor’s Grade:   B +