Battle of the Brews

Dublin Dr. Pepper vs. Regular Dr. Pepper

drpepperLet’s get this out of the way . . . Dr. Pepper is a root beer, albeit an inferior brand (as is Moxie, but we’ll get to that in another review).  So, I’m going to classify this as an “other”, but it’s a root beer knock-off . . . plain and simple.  Dublin Dr.Pepper is no longer made, and because of that simple fact I recently bought two cases of this dying soda.  I wanted to own a little piece of history, and maybe pass along some of my good luck to people desparate to have the last of this special bottle.

Let’s get to the review – I didn’t want to simply sip the Dublin out of the bottle and get all caught up in the hype and nostalgia (as my 10 year old son did).  I wanted to be fair and square and drink the modern version and the Dublin side by side out of plastic cups.

My co-professor and I both did this, and to be completely frank, the taste was very similar.  I’d be equally happy drinking an occassional Dr. Pepper whether it be of the Dublin or the Snapple variety.  But although they were similar, there was a difference.  The Dublin was smoother, creamier and had much less of a bite.  I actually felt like the Snapple version had a bit more “in your face” Dr. Pepper flavor.  The modern version kind of out “Dr. Peppered” the original.

But to be honest, my co-professor and I got uttlerly confused during our blind taste test.  She ultimately guessed wrong, and then based on her wrong conclusion, my conclusion went even futher down the toilet hole.  Sort of like what happened to Adam and Eve in the garden.  All the women’s fault . . . of course.  But the truth be told, we couldn’t really determine which was the Dublin.

If I wasn’t tasting this blind, I would undoubtedly choose the Dublin – pure cane sugar always beats out high fructose corn syrup.  And it’s just cool to drink out of an 8oz. glass bottle from Dublin, Texas.  But honestly as far as taste goes, I don’t think the Dublin blows the regular out of the water.  Both were pretty good.

The Professor’s Decision:  A Draw