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Red Arrow Root Beer

redarrowUh oh . . . I admit, I’m going through root beer blogging writers block.  Admittedly, I’ve still been sampling the brews, I’ve simply not been telling.  But I’m willing to face the pain, the uncomfortability and the sense of general unsatisfaction with this brew . . . actually Red Arrow was quite satisfying . . . but point made.

As I tipped the old boot mug back, I couldn’t help notice the classic root beer flavor.  In fact everything is classic about this soda, from the licorice to the wintergreen, to the root beer lettering and to the red arrow which is actually white – go figure.

And as you probably figured out long ago, I prefer brews that are lightly to moderately carbonated.  When a beverage is overcarbonated I begin to wonder what grotesque flavors are being hidden.  This soda is perfectly carbonated, not to much and not to little.

I do get a little bit of a kick out of lines like, “Folklore says the brand was a tribute to the Red Arrow Brigade.”  I would go out on a limb to say that a better tribute would be to make the arrow on the side of the bottle red rather than white – but again that’s just me and my crazy opinion.

Despite the white arrow, I am pretty happy with this root beer.  There is not really that new with this brew, but a good solid classic nonetheless.


The Professor’s Grade: A -