Monthly Archives: April 2003

Thomas Kemper Root Beer

Thomas_Kemper_Root_Beer_SodaI wish I liked it . . . I wish I liked it . . . hold on I’m going to click my heels three times . . . I wish I liked it.  Ahhh, to no avail, I don’t like it.  It’s not that this is a terrible brew, but it’s all about the expectations.  First of all, the bottle is pretty darn cool.  The name and the label are hip.  The ingredients proclaim the heavenly sweeteners of honey and and pure cane sugar.  But unfortunately, all of these promising elements don’t add up to a winner.

It is a really creamy beverage, but the flavors don’t really blend that well.  It’s almost as if each flavor jumps out and bites your tongue.  Now don’t get me wrong, if I had a 6 pack in the fridge I’d probably drink them, but I wouldn’t buy anymore on the internet.

The Professor’s Grade: D +

Root 66 Diet Root Beer

root66-logoI was beginning to get a little worried about the health effects of diet sodas . . . you know the cancer, weight-gain, kidney problems, cell damage and of course the addictive nature of the drink.  Thankfully, I had a “heart to heart” with my colleague, Professor Diet Coke and he assured me that all of these concerns are way overblown.  I can now do this review with a clean conscience.

As far as diet root beers go, this is actually a pretty decent one.  It has a good head, nice carbonation and is pretty creamy . . . just like the non-diet version.  Most of the flavoring in this beverage remains pretty consistent with the original Root 66 Root Beer.  Of course, it still has that diet after-taste, but it’s better than most.  Ed and Mari (another root beer web-site) give much shorter and to the point review.  They strongly disagreed with my assessment giving Root 66 Diet Root Beer a rating of “mega-barf.”  Well Root 66, bring on the barf . . . bring on the barf.


The Professor’s Grade:  D +