F Plus

Deerfield Trading Company Old Fashioned Root Beer

DeerfieldApparently “Old Fashioned” means absolutely flavorless – more on that later.  Deerfield Trading Company Root Beer is packaged exclusively for Walgreens. But when I checked out walgreens.com, there was not mention of the root beer or the company. There were some other Deerfield products – but it was called “Deerfield Farms” and I suspect that it is a different company.

Anyway – it is pretty neat that Walgreens would have a gourmet root beer in addition to their generic brand. I was expecting a half decent brew – given that they would take the time and effort to make a root beer with no “high fructose corn syrup” and that they would bottle this instead of plopping it in a can or plastic bottle. Unfortunately, I was “big-time” disappointed!

I’ve read some half-decent reviews of the brew on other web-sites, but I didn’t find anything half-decent at all. This root beer had virtually no head with a light root beer color. The brew tasted very watery and it was extremely light on taste. One of my family members commented that it didn’t really even taste like a root beer at all. There was a bite at the end of each swallow of beer, but it didn’t make up for the overall lack of root beerness in this concoction.


The Professor’s Grade:  F +

Super Chill Root Beer

super-chill-root-beer-43898Ok, I’m really desparate, and there is really no other way to explain the review of this muddy water.  I’m not an elitest gourmet root beer snob, but this is still stooping to a new low.

Oh well . . . this is a bit too sweet even though the carbonation is pretty good.  Although, truth be told I could carbonate water, muddy water and even toilet water pretty good as well.  So I guess that’s not saying too much.  The taste is not so great, but I feel super chill writing this super lame review.


The Professor’s Grade:  F+