D Minus

Teddy’s Diet Root Beer

teddysdietThe same slogans and phrases that appear on Teddy’s regular root beer, unfortunately also appear on the diet bottle.  For example, I don’t think “America’s Favorite” or “Premium” really apply to the Teddy’s diet brand . . . or any other diet brand for that matter.

Like most other diet sodas, Teddy’s fall woefully flat . . . not on fizz but on flavor.  Actually, in this case I don’t think it’s the “diet’s” fault.  Even though it’s a diet, it could still have some fanciful combination of spices and herbs, but this just has a weak flavor that possibly passes for a root beer . . . maybe?

The more I ponder this brew, there is a slight flavor towards the end of each sip.  I’m guessing it could be a sarsaparilla, or at least an imitation sarsaparilla taste, but alas there is absolutely no information about the ingredients on their web-site.  A side note – when there is not information on the company’s web-site, it’s usually an indication that you are not intended to know what is in the brew!

Ummmm . . . the more I drink the more bearable it becomes.  Teddy’s Diet Root Beer just got bumped up!



The Professor’s Grade:  D -