Rating System

In an effort to be creative there have been a variety of root beer rating systems employed such as ratings by frosty mugs, root beer barrels, IBC bottle caps and the more sensible approach of just straight points.  The variety keeps things interesting though . . . so kudos to all those clever root beer connoisseurs.

I’ve never been accused of being overly imaginative, but even if I wanted to be a little “outside of the box,” I’m constrained by the educational systems method of grading.  Thus, all root beers will receive a letter grade depending on the quality of the brew.  I did take a little liberty (and I stress “a little”) and added a + and – to the lowest letter grade of an F.

When I judge a brew I will focus on the complete package. I may comment on the smell, carbonation, after-taste, packaging, and foam among other things. But the bottom-line for any review is taste. I could review a brew that falls short in packaging, smell, and foam, but if the taste is in the upper echelon of root beers it will receive a good letter grade.

I do retain my right to give extra-credit and to occasionally grade grade on the curve.  For example, when I visit a root beer stand or a restaurant who serves their own root beer, the atmosphere often bumps up the grade . . . ever so slightly.

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