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Polar Classics Premium Root Beer

polar classics premium root beerOn a recent trip to Virginia I stopped in a Jewish market and I asked for some kosher root beer – they sort of looked at me like I had two heads.

But at a regular supermarket I did find some kosher root beer – Polar classics Premium Root Beer. I won’t say much about this root beer, but I really liked the look of the bottle and the packaging. The flavor profile of this brew is actually pretty simple, but really good. The pure cane sugar, licorice and/or anise really shines.


Hmmm . . . “Religious Root Beers 101″???


The Professor’s Grade:  B +

Doumar’s Root Beer

doumars1Doumar’s is located in Norfolk, VA and it’s claim to fame is not the root beer, but rather it’s ice cream cones. Abe Doumar was the first to create the cone itself – he first sold it at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition. Doumar’s still makes their own cones today and they are still made on the same machine that Abe Doumar created!

My whole family had ice cream cones and they tasted pretty fantastic.

I also tried their root beer which is a unique root beer although I don’t think they truly make it at their store. They probably just mix the syrup and the soda water . . . which is still pretty cool.

They put too much ice in the cup, but the ice was chopped into small bits and my daughter (little professor # 2)

loved the slushy root beer effect.

The root beer was a little syrupy with heavy licorice and wintergreen flavors shining through.

This root beer doumars2should probably not be rated too high, but because of the cool atmosphere and neat ice-cream cone experience, I have a lot of happy endorphins flowing through my brains so . . .

The Professor’s Grade:  B -