Monthly Archives: October 2004

Bulldog Root Beer

bulldogAhhhh . . . the feeling of complete satisfaction when you take a sip of a near perfect root beer.  Let me say that again . . . ahhhhh.  Plain and simple this is an excellent root beer, in fact this is probably the best root beer that I’ve tasted thus far.  As far as creaminess goes, this is a far superior root beer to all the others.  It is also the best blend of honey and vanilla that I have ever, I mean ever tasted.

Although most root beer reviews give this brew an excellent rating, I’ve seen a few whiners crying about the canine featured on the front of the bottle.  It goes something like this, “the picture on the (sniff, sniff) of the bottle (cry, sniff) is not even a bulldog (all out wailing).  First of all, Bulldog Root Beer not only wrote the book on root beers, but they wrote the manual on Bulldogs.  If they say it’s a Bulldog, then it’s a stinkin Bulldog.

The Professor’s Grade:  A +