Monthly Archives: March 2003

Stewart’s Birch Beer

Ahhh . . . a birch beer on a root beer web-site.  I can feel your judgmental eyes reading this birch beer review already.  Academically speaking, birch beer is root beer’s twin, both birthed from a wonderful combination of sugar, roots and carbonation.

I was thrilled to taste this and review it as Stewart’s is a classic . . . you can almost find it in as many supermarkets as IBC.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have a lot to say about this brew.  Simply, it tastes like a birch beer should taste.  It’s probably flavored with a bit or birch root, as this is a birch beer.  A pretty standard birch beer on the lower end of the excellence scale.

The Professor’s Grade:  D+

Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg

virgils, specialAhhhh . . . a Virgil’s that I actually like.  Where the regular Virgil’s falls short the special edition brew falls forward . . . I think?  Anyway, by the title of the root beer you’d think that the nutmeg is of a special variety in that it’s from Bavaria.  But low and behold the nutmeg is not from Bavaria, the well water is.  So a more accurate title would be “Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Well Water – it doesn’t quite hold the same sparkle though.

All of that aside, I think this brew is pretty good!  I like the fact that this has all natural ingredients, but the fantastic part is that these flavor actually blend together pretty well.  The combo of honey, licorice and vanilla give this beer a silky smooth, creamy feel.  The nutmeg (not from bavaria by the way), clove and cinnamon give a nice bite to finish each root beer swallow.

The particular bottle I drank from was a little flat, but I suspect that it’s because I allowed this to sit for quite a while.

Nice job Virgils . . . nice job.  Although, when you give a root beer a “5 word” title with one of the words being “special” than it better be pretty darn good.  And if you look at it that, you might be a bit disappointed.


The Professor’s Grade:  B

Richfood Root Beer

Lot’s of burps with this terrible excuse for a root beer.  A lot of these generic root beers get the label of being bland, but this isn’t good enough  to be called bland.  There isn’t even a creaminess to redeem this root beer – and it’s not worth writing any more.

Except to say . . . bad root beer . . . bad packaging.

The Professor’s Grade:  F