Monthly Archives: July 2004

Reading Draft Root Beer

readingdraftAs a Pennsylvania boy, I love trying these Pennsylvania Root Beers.  Sadly this is not one of the top brews – not bad, but certainly not anything special.  It has a simple, light flavor and a very frothy head.  Maybe the one thing that sets this root beer apart is the deep dark color, in fact it’s the darkest root beer I’ve ever seen.  There you go Reading Draft Root Beer, you’ve made it into the Root Beer 101 Textbook.  Not for taste of course, but for color – that’s right – just squirt a bunch of caramel color into your brew and you make history!

And on a side not, I purchased this at Sturgis Pretzel Factory which my colleague and personal friend, Professor Pretzel invited me too.  Unfortunately, the Sturgis Pretzel Factor was more cool than the root beer that I purchased there.







The Professor’s Grade: D +