Oogave Root Beer

agaveI had my mother-in-law over, and being the health conscious woman that she is, I pulled out the Oogave Root Beer to share together.  She prefers diet soda over regular soda, but being that diet soda is getting a bad-rep lately, I thought this Oogave might be the ticket to drinking root beer, safely, healithy and responsibly.

You see, it only has all-natural ingredients, and is sweetened with only organic agave nectar.  It has a total of only 24 grams of sugar, with no diet ingredients added.  I actually really like root beers who try alternative methods of sweetening such as, honey, molasses, brown sugar and now agave nectar.  Sometimes these alternative methods of sweetening add something unique to the flavor – I’m not sure the agave adds anything to the flavor – but it’s cool nonetheless.

As suspected though, the flavor doesn’t quite match up with it’s superior counterparts.  That’s not to say it’s gross or anything . . . I would gladly drink this from time to time to forgo the obscene amount of sugar that’s found in other root beers.  But the root beer is pretty light on flavor.  It does have a sharp bite throughout the beginning to the end of the taste  . . . which gives this a nice distinctive difference.  It’s a little hard to place what this “bite” is, but it reminds me of a one-note sarsaparilla flavor.

On a side note, this is another Colorado soda and thus another opportunity for a factory tour.

The Professor’s Grade:  C