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Margo’s Dark Root Beer

MargosMy official Root Beer Boot Mug is on a ship, carefully packed in layers of bubble wrap, and thus I’m unable to continue with my normal method of reviewing brews.  A frozen State Farm Insurance mug will have to do.

To be honest, I didn’t know a whole lot about Margo’s Dark Root Beer, except that I expected this brew to disappoint.  Probably because the bottle is cool, the name is cool, the ingredients are cool . . . so it must disappoint . . . right?  That’s what 90% of the other cool root beers do.  But this root beer does not disappoint.  The molasses in this root beer gives it a heavy, dark undertone . . . and combining it with the evaporated cane juice makes it a little syrupy, but not too much so.  If there was one knock on this brew it would be that it is a little to sweet and syrupy.

The vanilla, clove, cassia and nutmeg combine to make a really nice flavor . . . something that Virgil’s, in my opinion, wasn’t able to do. The wintergreen is real nice as well . . . it compliments the brew instead of dominating it.

This is not only a good root beer, but I think it’s near the top!

The Professor’s Grade:  A -

Crooked Oak Root Beer

Crooked OakThis root beer bottle screams coolness and class.  It lists the production code, batch code and the specific approvers on the outside of the bottle.  Wow – It makes you feel sort of special just to have this bottle in the fridge . . . let alone pour it into the boot mug and sip away.

This brew had a massive head, but it dissipated so quickly that if you blinked you missed it.  FYI, I tried to miss it.

Unfortunately, they are not very descriptive in the ingredient department, so all that I know is that it has natural flavors.  This could be by design though, because they emphasize how important simplicity is to them.  These natural flavors give the brew a little bit of a sharp bite at the end of every sip . . . maybe a little bit of licorice and clovers . . . and maybe some other things as well.  I almost feel as if this root beer wants to be creamy, but the bite at the end of each sip stops the creaminess in it’s tracks.

I like this root beer a lot, but I feel like it lacks a depth that’s found in all of the “A” rated brews.  It’s a little too simple for my taste.  Some of my favorite flavors like vanilla and honey don’t seem to be present and at least not in the spotlight.

The Professor’s Grade:  B