Margo’s Dark Root Beer

MargosMy official Root Beer Boot Mug is on a ship, carefully packed in layers of bubble wrap, and thus I’m unable to continue with my normal method of reviewing brews.  A frozen State Farm Insurance mug will have to do.

To be honest, I didn’t know a whole lot about Margo’s Dark Root Beer, except that I expected this brew to disappoint.  Probably because the bottle is cool, the name is cool, the ingredients are cool . . . so it must disappoint . . . right?  That’s what 90% of the other cool root beers do.  But this root beer does not disappoint.  The molasses in this root beer gives it a heavy, dark undertone . . . and combining it with the evaporated cane juice makes it a little syrupy, but not too much so.  If there was one knock on this brew it would be that it is a little to sweet and syrupy.

The vanilla, clove, cassia and nutmeg combine to make a really nice flavor . . . something that Virgil’s, in my opinion, wasn’t able to do. The wintergreen is real nice as well . . . it compliments the brew instead of dominating it.

This is not only a good root beer, but I think it’s near the top!

The Professor’s Grade:  A -

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